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We're all about the beans...

Bean to bar micro-batch single origin craft chocolate made from the world’s best cacao and offered in a range of distinctive and delicious single origin bars.

I sort, roast, crack and winnow, stone-grind and conch the tastiest beans, creating cacao liquor that is blended with organic cane sugar and the best supporting ingredients.

Chocolate bars are made in small batches, poured, moulded and wrapped by hand for guaranteed quality and attention to detail.

I work to keep the supply chain as short, transparent and traceable as possible, buying my beans through specialist ethical cacao sourcers Cacao Latitudes. Cacao beans are bought as part of building long-term relationships with farming families and communities, or through farming co-operatives.  The payment the farmer receives is well above commodity market price (and without the risky price fluctuations) and higher than fair trading and other certificated scheme prices, ensuring that skilled growers and fermenters, and vulnerable eco-systems are supported now and in the future.

The minimal recyclable, biodegradable and compostable see-through bar packaging is designed to reflect this transparency. (I have now found a biodegradable and recyclable label and I am moving over to this batch by batch).  It also allows me to ensure that the chocolate is in perfect condition as it sets out on its journey to you.  All the packaging you receive in a Cocoa Retreat order is also recyclable or compostable.

Buying from Cocoa Retreat supports my commitment to specialist farmers, their families and communities, and guarantees a very special chocolate tasting experience.

 Oenone, Chocolatemaker

* We post out orders within one working day of receiving them and use either Royal Mail First Class to deliver our chocolate as Large Letters or Royal Mail Second Class to deliver Small Parcels in the UK.  It has been taking longer to get post delivered throughout the UK, and some of our packages are taking a little longer to arrive than used to be the case. Please do order in plenty of time if you have a special occasion in mind.

Orders do not have a tracking number.  We cannot be held responsible for late delivery or non arrival of packages.


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