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Honeycomb Dark Milk

Honeycomb Dark Milk


The floral and herbal flavours of summer honey are captured in our home-made Honeycomb and folded through Bejofo Estate Dark Milk chocolate to bring a wonderful crunch that contrasts beautifully with the creamy chocolate.

Master Beekeeper Margaret from Hendal Honey cares for her bees near Groombridge, and is a fellow stall holder at the wonderful monthly Penshurst Farmers Market (which specialises in local food and drink).

As a dark chocolate this Heirloom Cacao (Designee #15) from Akessons's organic farm Bejofo Estate in Sambirano Valley, Madagascar, presents the flavour profile this area is so famous for with citrusy, verjuice flavours and notes of ripe red fruits, nuts and toffee. As a Dark Milk the citrus softens and the toffee and nut flavours come to the fore.

Bejofo Estate is an organic cacao orchard that makes up one part of the 2000-hectare Akesson Estate in northwest Madagascar’s Sambirano valley. Akesson’s Estate is divided into four smaller estates-Madirofolo, Menavava, Bejofo, and Ambolikapik. It is managed by Bertil Akesson, who has specialized in growing fine cocoa, pepper, and other spices for many years. Bejofo Estate produces 300 tons of cocoa a year. Bertil also sells chocolate made out of his own cocoa under the “Akesson’s Organic” brand, which is sold throughout the world.

Cacao was introduced to Madagascar by French colonialists in the 19th century. They first planted Criollo, some of which is still around today. However, the majority of today’s crops in Madagascar are considered Trinitario. The country produces nearly 3000 tons of beans a year. Most of the trees are concentrated in the Sambirano Valley in the northwest, where soil and climate are ideal for growing high quality cacao.

We medium/dark roast this bean to bring out balancing raisin notes.

- Bean variety: Criollo and Trinitario.

- Med/Dark roast, 18 hour grind, 48 hour conch.

*Contains dairy milk, contains honey.

“Quite. Simply. Absolutely delicious! … It really was heaven…” Amelia Rope, Chocolate Adventurer, Podcaster, Twitter 26.4.22

“…great flavours and really fine execution from an imaginative new maker. Bravo!” Andrew Baker, author From Bean To Bar A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Britain, Twitter 22.4.22

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