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Rich and creamy hazelnut milk chocolate. Roasted organic hazelnuts are combined with organic Fortunato No 4 cacao, organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic milk powder, and sea salt grains to create a smooth Gianduja bar.

Roasted hazelnuts beautifully complement Fortunato No 4 cacao. This very special rare cacao from the Marañón area of Peru was thought to be lost but was then found growing wild by Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley as they were sourcing fruit in the Canyon.

The cacao trees were growing pods filled with a mix of white and purple cacao beans - they had rediscovered a Puro Nacional variety thought to be extinct.

These Fortunato No 4 beans from Don Fortunato’s farm possess DNA identical to the genetic marker for Pure Nacional found in the 5,300 entry, world genetic database. Don Fortunato and his wife participate in the harvest and, using machetes, open pods and assist in removing the beans. Sealed buckets with wet cacao beans are transported from the farm to the family home, weighed on a digital scale and Don Fortunato is paid immediately before the fermentation process begins that same day.

- Bean variety: Pure Nacional

- Light roast, 12 hour grind, 8 hour conch

*Contains dairy milk, contains nuts

“Cocoa Retreat’s Gianduja, which is a darkish milk with rich, roasted hazelnuts in cacao from Peruvian Fortunato beans… was also gorgeous and both had what I can only describe as a fulsome mouthfeel, very satisfying and rather too easy to eat.” Annalisa Barbieri, The Observer Magazine, Notes on Chocolate 27.02.22

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