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Cacao Tea

Cacao Tea


Steeping ground nibs and shells from organic roasted cocoa beans, as for herb tea, or in a cafetière, gives a very light and refreshing chocolate flavoured hot drink.

This cocoa tea is made from the Chuncho Urusayhua cocoa bean from Peru.

These special beans have a mild, creamy and distinctly berry fruit and floral flavour profile. They make a delicious cocoa tea with very little acidity or astringency.

The Chuncho cacaos that can be found in Cusco, Junín and Ayacucho, are not a homogenous group, rather a range of different varieties. The cacao pods are small and so are the beans.

Years ago, this Urusayhua rare genetic varietal was on the edge of extinction due to growing numbers of abandoned farms. Thanks to support from craft chocolate makers, farmers saved these trees from being lost forever, and now more than 90 families are actively growing this uniquely flavoured bean.

50g pouch.

Enough for approx 4 servings.

Store in an airtight container.

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